Individual Universal Immunotherapy allows Technician and/or automated Artificial Intelligence to accelerate immune antigen extraction response by concentrating immune cells/molecules against pathogen and other strategies until safe immunity/cure is achieved w/ individual safer results.

1 Million covid + 100 Million flu life abandonment = protocol inefficiency. Vaccines can be roll out in days or weeks starting w/ non-isolated or w/ IUI. Vaccines can be tested, cure and immunize from in vitro (lab) to in vivo (body) with IUI, with lower risk, lower cost, shorter time and higher efficency.

Mainstream medical viral protocols resulted in 1 million Life abandonments for Covid-19, 100 million for Flu since the pandemic of early 20th century. It's necessary mandatory annual global multiviral vaccination (not only so called subjective risk groups that depend on the viral load absorbed), isolation of all infected, block use of symptomatic drugs and use of Individual Universal Immunotherapy: accelerate learning timing and risk exposure reduction of Immune system achieving cure/immunity in vitro/lab to in vivo/body using blood concentrate with immune cells/molecules against virus, bacteria, cancer, toxin, trauma and aging.

Individual Universal Immunotherapy can accelerate immune response to trauma, concentrating platelet at hemorrhage and aging, raising telomerase enzyme for healthy cell regrowth and/or using messenger RNA to express reprogramming factors. Enhancement of speed, strength, area coverage and immune functionality of platelets via a SuperCell and/or NanoBot is crucial to eliminate possibility of general hemorrhage or infection. This would be the main reason for the need to hibernation regression of Systemic/Cellular Life to deactivated cell Atomic/Molecular Life and the need for porous circulation in Permanent Life Protocol. Just like new oil to a motor, new/filtered/supplemented/enhanced healthier blood (cells, molecules and plasma) can have an enhancing performance effect in the whole body system.

Ultra-low cost Global Health Insurance from 1 to 5% of +US$20Trillion Global Exports for all near 8 billion Humans with mobile/home treatment, microscopy/microfluid computerized diagnostics, nutrition management/ supplementation, micro/nano robotic low invasive surgery, Individual Universal Immunotherapy, enzime/hormonal supplementation, physical/mental/electrical activity, defensive cellular hibernation equipment and external/internal temporary/permanent artificial organ replacement. Ambulance/Mobile Clinic with Permanent Life Module with Intensive Care Unit and Individual Universal Immunotherapy.

Individual Universal Immunotherapy (IUI) is an accelerated natural supplementation process to eliminate immediately all disease pathogens. Nutrition, hydration, temperature, rest and ideal posture favor the efficiency of the immune system. Internal vaccines can be complemented by nanoparticle spray/cream external vaccines with viral, bacterial, cancer proteins that can induce the immune system at the site of contagion.

The ideal resting posture is around 20-40 degrees of inclination of the bed or post-hip upper body so that defensive immune fluids can drain pathogens, especially from the airway, instead of puddling and spreading them in a traditional posture horizontal rest (respiratory viruses such as influenza and coronavirus, including covid-19). But if there is initial contamination, generating a small accumulation of defensive fluids in the lung, these can be relieved / drained by expanding/opening the chest through several deep breaths followed by forced coughing. Once the lung is significantly contaminated (pneumonia) the most advantageous posture is to be placed on your stomach to drain defensive fluids out of the lung.

Production of excessive defensive fluids, generating super inflammation/congestion/pain, are usually the result of self-medication with symptomatic anti-pain, anti-inflammatory and anti-congestion drugs (avoiding/postponing ideal conditions for the immune system, such as rest, posture, nutrition, hydration and ideal temperature), aggravating infection and symptoms. This is what usually happens in severe complications of viral infections (such as pneumonias of influenza / covid-19 etc.), especially in pandemics, in addition to the high viral load associated with the traditional protocol of centralizing contaminated, small distance between them, poor/collective ventilation and early intubation (in general to try to protect the medical staff and other patients), when the ideal is only the aid with low cost portable oxygen masks, preferably supplied to the patient's home.

Use of symptomatic drugs (pain/congestion) and high dosages of exposure to pathogens (as in overcrowded emergencies/infirmaries, as in the viral pandemic cases of influenza/covid-19) reduces reaction efficiency of immune system, increasing requirement for supplementation, that may be provided in real time or by previous stock of an Individualized Cell Bank. Mass produced home isolation-bubble-bed-ventilator-monitor and remote assistance should expand individual care, avoiding expensive dangerous collective centralized high exposure to stress/virus/bacteria/fungus in congested hospitals.

Idea of circulating live virus to achieve "herd immunity" is inefficient, damaging and illegal (eugenic genocide), since even number of "deaths" (aka Life abandonment) are predictable and it would be less damaging to circulate immediately untested neutralized virus vaccine. In a pandemic re-circulation can be achieved with vest/mask/washing protection, testing to form a closed uncontaminated group and/or Individual Universal Immunotherapy.

Ideal is the formation of a collective macro and/or home micro individual bank of fluids, DNA, gametes, embryos, tissues and cells, especially stem and immunological cells. Preventive vaccines, drugs and other post symptomatic treatments may not work fast enough for many patients that end up being abandoned for supposed "death" after electric heart/brain dysfunction. Global governments can stock/acquire/distribute to all citizens billions of mass produced low cost Environment Hazard Permanent Vests and Masks, against viral, bacterial, radioactive, chemical, pollutants exposure to generate national security, safe work protocol and social-economic confidence.

Natural therapeutic vaccines (immunotherapy) and stem cell regeneration has the best cost benefit for mass universal disease cure and live extension, including in vitro corrective signaling natural substances and processes to avoid immune evasion of virus, bacteria and cancer, to then trigger immune action, to neutralize pathogen and obtain antigen information to spread to other immune cells in vitro, to then reintroduce cells in body, to spread antigen and immune action further, to finally neutralize pathogen in body.

Stem and Immune cell bank is an universal paradigm for treatment for virus, bacteria, cancer, trauma, aging or any dysfunction in the human body. Cost, timing and bureaucratic barriers are usually used as excuse and promise of future use, but can actually be used now. Preventive vaccines can supply, by natural known public technology, information (virus/ bacteria/ cancer antigen) to immune cells. Therapeutic vaccines can provide immune cells already informed and/or ready to attack. Cell/tissue damage natural regeneration can be supplemented by introducing new stem/tissue cells. Patients can retrieve blood and other fluids for preventive testing, to harvest stem and immune cells, to be replicated and cryopreserved in a bank for immediate economic use, when needed, as adding antigen and nuclear transfers, to eliminate any virus, bacteria, cancer or injury to cells and tissues.

Cultured defensive cells/molecules, in vitro to in vivo, can increase immune efficiency and acceleration adding to the pathogen or vaccine in lab blood extract first, so that the antigen may be identified and spread, then injected into the body. Plasma antidote serum of anti-bodies from horses can increase scale and speed of production of antibodies. Genetically enhanced defensive cells, can overcome natural selection evolution of defensive mutations of pathogens. Regeneration can be improved with better identification and elimination of senescent cells, stimulating and opening space for new healthy cells; as long as growth hormones/enzymes as telomerase, DNA telomere growth enzyme, is also at adequate levels, allowing the endings of DNAs to keep adequate size to avoid error in cell split mitosis/meiosis. Platelets and other repair molecules/proteins/enzymes can be added to improve/accelerate trauma repair.

Abusive monopolist pharmaceutical trust companies want to transform this enhanced natural process into an artificial "patented drug" to then abuse monopoly power (abusive price and corrupting political contributions that affect regulation and non-independent judiciary appointments neutralizing anti-trust laws) to offer unregulated, expensive and low efficiency solutions (total cure leads to unwanted price regulation and lower short term profits). This damaging/illegal strategy can eliminate not only long term profits but the management and/or enterprises.

LOWEST COST AND HIGHEST PERFORMANCE HEALTH DEFENSE SUPPLEMENTATION SYSTEM are Immune Cells of an Individual (same DNA), such as Attack/Inform (antigen presenting) Macrophages (M-cells), T-cells (Helper/Killer) or B-cells (Antibodies/Cytokines) or Inform only Dendritic Cells (D-cells), present in extracted blood/fluids from patient, replicated, exo/lab exposed to antigen (virus, bacteria or cancer) in highly advantageous ratios (as opposed to endo/body disadvantageous ratios leading to disease symptoms), then reintroduced in body to create higher advantage.

Any disease (low ratio in body)= Immune cell+Antigen informed immune cell + Antigen attack ready immune cell / pathogen < Cure (higher ratio in vitro/lab then transferred back into body). Corrective natural defense signaling substances/molecules, such as extra/intra cellular immunoglobin (antibodies), nucleotides, caspases, interferons, mRNAs, phosphoethanolamine (involved in cell membrane structuring and inducing immune system caspase signaling at the membrane) and exogenous biological, chemical or mechanic help processes, as simple as piercing the infected/dysfunctional cell or nucleus membrane (to expose pathogen, induce cell alarm, trigger immune cell action and antigen identification), can counter attack the immune evasion natural selection mutations of virus, bacteria and cancer.

Antigen loaded antibodies and other defensive molecules could also be harvested from cured/convalescent patients blood/plasma, although the ideal is to harvest directly from treated patient, unless as a last resort to identify pathogen and load antigens (white cells from donors may present auto immune healthy cell attack collateral effects). Antibodies, other defensive molecules and white cells should be concentrated in vitro first at higher ratio against the pathogen to then be transferred back to body, where there is lower ratio (cell culture and cell banks would improve even more efficiency of treatment). Another strategy is to increase neutralized/disabled pathogen as a real time vaccine.

Another resource is corrective or innovative genetic selection/engineering and bio-cybernetic nanotechnology to create immunological supercells/molecules for information/attack or supercells/molecules that are immune to pathogens. Original/new immunological cells/molecules can also be used to locate, inform and/or destroy pathogens using antigens (as for example PSMA, Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen molecule), chemicals (as phosphoethanolamine) or quantic waves (as photonic PET/CT scans, lasers, ultrasounds etc).

Original/new immune cells/molecules can be loaded/marked (nano-cyber-bio-chymo-radio-thermal) to assist in locating/eliminating the pathogens. These can be preventively detected in the blood by many signs such as from damaged white blood cells, elevated levels of certain proteins/molecules, DNA from pathogens, cfDNA (Cell Free DNA) methylation patterns, mutated genes, platelet RNA profiles etc.

Observed in vitro staged battle, between the pathogen and immune cells, leads them to identify the antigen of the pathogen. Antigen informed immune cells in vitro will seek to inform attack cells in body. Antigen already informed attack cells in vitro, will seek to destroy the pathogen in body. It's about staging a battle in vitro (lab) to win the war in the body. Signaling substances and processes may be also taken in body, specially to known concentrations of pathogen, using mini/micro/nano catheter/surgery/robot.

This is a simple endo/exo natural replicating process, that can be carried out regardless of identifying/isolating the antigen or using foreign cells/substances with high potential known/unknown collateral effects. It simply turns an internal losing situation, to an external winning situation, to then turn the internal situation around by reintroducing reinforcements with no or minimal potential collateral effect. No expensive, specific, long clinical trials, patents, barriers of entry, monopoly abuses are necessary. It accelerates the learning curve of an already over a billion year old naturally developed defense system, now enhanced by low cost, high performance systems.

Stem cells and full Individual multi tissue cell lines can be used to supplement/accelerate natural immune cell processes of regeneration. Cells, tissues and/or organs can introduces by nano/micro/mini catheters/surgery/cyber-bio-bots, to regenerate damage caused by virus, bacteria, cancer, trauma or any body dysfunctional process, allowing unlimited protection and extension of Systemic Life, complemented by process/protocol that can also protect Cellular, Atomic, Genetic and Informatic Life levels in the paradigm/protocol of Permanent Life.

Individual Universal Immunotherapy (IUI) can eliminate virus, bacteria, cancer, toxin, aging and trauma at the lowest cost and highest performance in the healthcare industry. It could be applied for example to the covid-19 coronavirus, immediately using the infected patient's blood. Blood extraction with pathogen, infected cell and white cells. Additional extractions, with centrifuge separating white cells (added to the first extraction), red cells (oxygenated/ozonated) and plasma (add nutrition/supplements).

Concentration of diversified or specific white cells in the first extraction will generate identification, extraction and replication of the antigen, with/without the aid of additional intracellular substances/molecules and/or exogenous mechanical intervention, such as piercing of the cell and/or nuclear membrane to expose the pathogen to the cells or any strategy that facilitates/accelerates the identification of the pathogen/antigen and spread of information to other white cells. Once the white cells are informed and/or ready to attack the pathogen, they are reintroduced in patient along with oxygenated/ozonated red cells and nurtured/supplemented plasma.

This continuous process will accelerate the patient's recovery, preventing his progress to a severe condition and eventually will immunize him. It is possible to develop hardware/software that automates this continuous process. The existence of a Bank of Immune Cells a priori for all citizens, facilitates and accelerates this process. Even when a ventilator/lung (and/or heart) is not enough, external oxygenation of red cells (oxygenator or heart-lung machine), more antigenization of white cells, more nutrition/plasma supplementation keeps the patient alive and improving.
Immune and Stem
Cell Bank
Global Mobile Medical System
Individual Universal Immunotherapy
IUI MACHINE - Individual Universal Immunotherapy - Immune and Stem Cell Bank
Hardware/Software against virus/bacteria/cancer/trauma/aging:
1-Nanoscoper: identifying intra/extracellular pathogens from blood and body fluid.
2-Centrifuger: separating/concentrating white cells, red cells and plasma.
3-Vaccinater: white cell concentration/culture and antigen extraction/information/addition.
4-Oxygenater: red cell concentration/culture and oxygenation/ozonation.
5-Nurturer: plasma defensive molecules concentration/culture and nutrition/hormones.
6-Marker: cyber-bio-chimo-quantic marker to locate/eliminate/build.
IUI SERVICE - Individual Universal Immunotherapy - Viral pandemic use for contaminated cure and immunization of non-contaminated.
Immediate use of existing separated hardware/software against COVID-19, virus, bacteria, cancer, toxins, aging (telomerase) and trauma (platelets).
Goal is to accelerate/supplement NATURAL TESTED PROCESS in vitro/lab, with VERIFIABLE multi-strategies and re-inject to accelerate body results.
1-Extract sequential blood samples to centrifuge and separate white/defensive cells/molecules and concentrate them on first sample with pathogen.
2-Follow on electronic microscope the identification of intra/extracellular pathogen and result of Strategy 1 to extract/inform/load antigen.
3-If Strategy 1 is successful, add new defensive cells/molecules to spread/load antigen to inform/attack, re-injecting part, until cure.
4-If Strategy 1 is slow or fails, use Strategy 2 of increasing specific white/defensive cell/molecule versus pathogen until acceleration or success.
5-Strategy 3 is to use external biological, chemical or mechanical intervention, as membrane piercing, to induce cell alarm to expose pathogen.
6-Strategy 4 is to add neutralized/disabled pathogen as a real time vaccine; 5 is with antibodies from convalescent/cured patient;
7-Strategy 6 is cultured defensive cells/molecules; 7 is plasma antidote serum of anti-bodies from horses; 8 is genetically enhanced defensive cells.
8-Strategy 9 +regeneration clearing senescent cells, 10 +telomerase, DNA telomere growth enzime; 11 +platelets for trauma repair; etc.
9- Nanoparticle spray/cream external vaccines with viral, bacterial, cancer proteins can induce the immune system at the site of contagion.