Atoms age in billions of years, molecules age in millions of years, cells are made of recycling atoms/molecules, cells live or regenerate over decades but the 100 trillion Human cells can go on forever. Evolution circumstance favored mortal/sexual/DNA diverse species, but now it can be replaced by biocyber engineering delivering continuous cell improvement, regeneration, recycling and longevity. Life must be protected under a new Permanent Life medical technology paradigm, protocol and product.

Current Life abandonment (aka death) is cultural-religious and social-economic circumstance, as patient contributes to collective health fund that can turn to straight profit when Life is abandoned while “soul” heads to fantasy-virtual molecular post-Life. Only molecular material-energy existence is preserved/dispersed, although a photonic identity can be speculated/created. Life can generate unlimited wealth with unlimited systemic regeneration or Life sustained/regressed/progressed at systemic, cellular, atomic, genetic and/or informatic levels.


The current primitive traditional bureaucratic medical system is characterized by centralized post-symptomatic care with high fixed cost (real estate, maintenance, personnel and training), lack of widespread application of high-tech advanced medicine, because of bureaucratic/monopolistic economic/religious interests/barriers and use/abuse of psycho-neurological drugs. These act against symptoms instead of causes, which in addition to the use of entertainment neurological drugs, generate serious debilitating collateral effects in the medium/long term, including on neuron cells, that would otherwise be at 100 as efficient as at 10 years old.

The current medical technological paradigm of "sickness and death" is of pre-scientific origin and based on common sense embellished by religion. Supposedly in a certain arbitrary point (leading to a lack of oxygen to brain neuron cells), considered without return, energy ("soul") leaves and turns off the body (lack of electric activity in heart and brain), when in fact 99.99% of cells are alive/active at this point. It puts healthcare as an exceptional or useless product/service (exceptionality of sickness and inevitability of death) reducing and limiting the full engagement of patients and/or relatives that tend to have a pessimist/conformist behavior.




1)Systemic Life (Cells with Natural Integration Systems)
2)Cellular Life (Cells with Artificial Integration Systems)
3)Atomic Life (Atomic-Molecular Structured Deactivated Cells)
4)Genetic Life (Biological DNA and Text-Audio-Visual Indirect Interface Memory)
5)Informatic Life (Binary DNA and Neural Direct Interface Memory)


1)Descendants (Indirect Semi-DNA and Culture-Memory Transmission)
2)Human Species (General-Culture-Knowledge-DNA Transmission)
3)General Life (Great-Primates, Mammals and Other Similar Species DNA Transmission)
4)Matter (Molecular-Atomic Transmission)
5)Energy (Electric-Photonic-Gravitonic Quantum Energy Transmission)

Patients can retrieve blood and other fluids for preventive testing, to harvest stem and immune cells, to be replicated and cryopreserved in a bank for immediate economic use, when needed, as adding antigen and nuclear transfers, to eliminate any viral/bacterial infection, cancer or injury to cells and tissues. Individual Universal Immunotherapy Machine preserves Systemic Life, processing, supplementing blood, cell banks, curing/immunizing virus, bacteria, toxins, cancer, trauma and aging, even after cardiac-respiratory/brain electric failure (aka "death"), allowing recovery with general circulation, or if obstructed, segmented.

The current definition of "medical death" is of a failure to restart respiratory-circulatory system after 2 to 5 minutes of attempts, because supposedly it would lead to "irreversible" damage/stoppage of the neurological system because of lack of oxygen. Supposed "legal death" is currently the stoppage of the neurological system (lack of electric activity in brain). But using advanced artificial cardio-respiratory equipment and/or lowering the temperature of the body reduces the need for oxygen (around 50% less for each reduction in 10 degrees Celsius), allowing sustaining Cellular Life and future progression.

Death by aging is mainly caused by genetic evolution, mainly programming hormone/enzyme reduction to stop DNA end telomere regrowth, limiting cell division, leading to cell dysfunction and mortality. Death and sexual reproduction have improved species preservation via DNA diversity, leading to higher resistance, specially against viral/bacterial infection, within a limited time frame of Life. Humanity however, now control genetic programming, that can replace diversity as a means of increased Life resistance and preservation. Humans with genetic hormonal/enzyme decline can reverse aging with hormonal/enzyme supplementation combined with immunological, nutritional, physical/mental (and/or electric muscle/neuron cell stimulus) supplementation to preserve Systemic Life, avoiding DNA telomere reduction derived cancer, immune white cell reduction and environmental/genetic cancer growth, with immunological supplementation.

The Permanent Life Paradigm and Protocol preserves, regresses and progresses Life across 5 dimensions, Systemic, Cellular, Atomic, Genetic and Informatic, protecting against all causes of death, including widespread hemorrhage, viral/bacterial infection, cancer or total elimination of current physical body including incineration or disappearance, by preserving the “hardware” genetic code and the “software” memory. As matter-energy entities we already exist forever, after our lives are usually abandoned with 99.99% living cells and suffer atomic/molecular dispersion into the environment, to form other matter-energy entities including Lives with DNA identity at the cellular level, which is lost by such dispersion. DNA/memory identity Life is replaced by Molecular Existence or Quantum Existence (atomic, electronic, photonic or gravitonic) with no known unique identity. Potential Permanent Life is replaced by Permanent Existence that can return to Permanent Life if Genetic or Informatic Life is preserved (Hardware/DNA and Software/Memory).

Primitive definitions of death are damaging to Life, are not scientifically current and are illegal/unconstitutional (conflict with original motivation of legislator to preserve life based on advanced science and with other hierarchically superior life protection laws). Reducing the temperature of the body for example can extend the cardio-respiratory reactivation window (there are several cases of survival to more than two hours without oxygen under ice inside cold waters), artificial cardiorespiratory equipment can maintain Cellular Life indefinitely and allow future progression. A pregnant women with a "dead" brain and heart had her Cellular Life preserved for more than 4 months to complete her pregnancy. The same equipment should be used to maintain the Cellular Life of any individual. However government/private health systems and patient families have mostly opt to not use or turn off artificial Life support systems at some point because of cost, supposed suffering or low probability of recovery, all of which are damaging, illegal and technically incorrect.

Cells can divide/grow indefinitely if the cell telomere (end of the chromosomes) has adequate size, induced by the telomerase enzyme, which in turn is induced by hormones. Neural cells (produced until 6 years and potentially after) and cardiac muscle cells (renewed 0.3% to 1% based on carbon dating) do not have a fixed life time, can grow in size, can survive indefinitely (if not destroyed by neurological drugs, cancer, virus, bacteria and have adequate protection), can be replaced/recovered by internal stimulus (regeneration/repair enzymes/hormones) and/or external introduction of stem/repair/replace cells (bio cells, nanobots and/or artificial super cells). Individuals considered "dead" by primitive traditional medicine have 99.99% living cells and healthy neurons similar to the time of infancy (unless neurons are affected by collateral effect of neurological drugs or pollution).

Theoretical and empirical evidence demonstrate that LIFE CAN BE PERMANENT and that Systemic Life, Cellular Life, Atomic Life, Genetic Life and Informatic Life can be preserved, regressed, regenerated and progressed. Efficient Medical procedure would involve for example cardiorespiratory equipment and/or hypothermic preservation of Cellular Life; cryonic dehydration/rehydration preservation of Atomic Life followed by porous intercellular circulation (direct external oxygenation/nutrition) and vascular recirculation; hormonal/immunological/nutritional/physical supplement cellular regeneration to than seek progression back to full Systemic Life with physical, chemical, electric, photonic and/or gravitonic stimulus.

Systemic Life should be preserved with systematic nutritional, hormonal, immunological, stem-cell, physical, mental, electric supplements: bio-specific (anti-cancer vaccines / viruses / bacteria) and bio-identical white cells/hormones; sensitive/selective cellular nano-marking (photothermal/electromagnetic/biochemical); growth of specific tissue/organ with stem cells via nuclear transfer or genetic reprogramming/pluripotency to accelerate the growth of healthy cells and suppress the growth of unhealthy cells. Anomalies such as cancer, weak regrown muscle or ventricular heart defect can be prevented with bio-identical hormones/vaccines, supplementary nutrition/exercise, monitoring and/or corrective intervention.

Non-individualizable or unidentifiable Atomic Life (moving matter or kinetic energy) is proven to be permanent with atomic and sub-atomic particles that can date billions of years. Life does not die only transforms. Humans are made of about 100 trillion rotating cells and 7 octillion rotating atoms that can last forever interacting with the environment and human technology. Individualizable or Identifiable Atomic Life (with unique DNA code attached to cellular structured atoms) is already technologically possible (in theory and/or practice) to preserve, regress, regenerate and progress back to Systemic Life. Human Individualized Permanent Life must be protected and not dispersed with loss of identity. Any person may have a hydrogen or oxygen atom that belonged to a dinosaur or a caveman who had their Atomic Lives dispersed to become unidentifiable and without DNA preservation.

Human embryos, oocytes, sperm, stem cells, umbilical cord blood and testicular/ovarian tissues are currently preserved, regressed and progressed to/from Cellular Life (deactivated cell or cell integrated systems) to/from Atomic Life (deactivated cell structure) with cryopreservation-reactivation. Respiratory and circulatory systems have been routinely reactivated and the neurological system is theoretically possible to reactivate via physical, chemical, electric, photonic and/or gravitonic stimulus.

The issue to be solved is one of complexity and logistics, just requiring resources, execution, time and experience to be fully completed. Umbilical cord blood embryonic cells have been dehydrated with dry freezing (freezing followed by sublimation in vacuum), preserved at room temperature and successfully rehydrated. There is an enormous potential to reduce cryopreservation cost and raise reactivation potential, combining the use of intracellular/intraorganelle trehalose cryopreservative, mechanical vibration and electromagnetic field for instant freezing without crystal formation.

Flash dry freeze results in a porous fully/partial dry "sponge" body that can be rehydrated/regenerated via additional porous/ interstitial/ intercellular from high (liquid) to low (vacuum) pressure circulation. Porous Intercellular Circulation can be total, for all the body, or partial, for separated damaged organs, tissues or body segment without vascular circulation, in addition to the partial vascular circulation for the rest of the body. This protocol would be recommended in case a general or segmented artificial vascular circulation is not possible because of generalized hemorrhage, viral/bacterial infection and/or cancer. Cells would be added/regenerated by mitosis or by introduction of external stem cells with nano markers to guide them to place and/or use of biodegradable scaffolds to fully assemble organs/tissues.
Multicellular cryopreservation liquid defrost protocol consists of raising temperature from top to bottom cells to avoid mechanical collapse.

Other animals and plants Systemic Lives have been preserved/regressed/progressed from/to Systemic, Cellular and Atomic Life. Tardigrades can endure alterations of minus 100 degrees Celsius to plus 100 degrees Celsius and endure space vacuum, solar heat/radiation by dehydrating cells, regressing to Atomic Life and back to Cellular Life and Systemic Life, including reproduction capacity, converting glucose to trehalose. Nematodes endure minus 196 Celsius. Moss plants, frogs, lizards, turtles and Arctic squirrels endure below zero degree Celsius, water freezing temperatures, with sugar/protein cellular cryopreservatives (cell water won't freeze at usual temperature) and go into different levels of hibernation, increasing/decreasing cellular activity and oxygen/energy needed. An Alaskan beetle can endure -60C. A kidney from a rabbit has been frozen (vitrified), unfrozen and transplanted successfully. Virus, bacteria and nematode found in Arctic Canada/Russia, over 30-40,000 years have been unfrozen, self-repaired membrane and returned to life.

PERMANENT LIFE MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY PARADIGM defines health as a product/service of total coverage/utility, providing economies of scale (mass production) and economies of scope (multi utility), with full political, social, economic, cultural engagement/inclusion of all patients and/or relatives. The adoption and dissemination of this paradigm has immediate philosophical impact on society with substantial increase in physical and psychological well being. Due to limited knowledge, lack of resources, inefficiency, economic, social, cultural and religious primitive habits, currently occurs the abandonment of Systemic Life, Cellular Life, Atomic Life, Genetic Life, Informatic Life of the patient after respiratory, circulatory, neurological systems electric stoppage, potentially partially or fully reversible in the short and/or long term.

The arbitrary, abstract, primitive, pseudo-scientific concept of "death" was initially a respiratory, than a circulatory and currently neurological system stoppage, which is then followed by gradual cell stoppages and partial atomic/molecular dispersion into the environment. Generally in traditional mortuary procedures, only the skeleton remains after the abandonment of Cellular Life in high temperature environment, or even worse the body with living cells may be burned to gases and ashes (all the atoms/molecules will be recycled into the environment with loss of the DNA identity). The supposed "death" is accompanied in general by religious beliefs about the supposed maintenance of an energy/photonic structural identity ("soul/spirit") and grouping of these in a specific location ("heaven" or "paradise") or return to a new body ("spiritual reincarnation"). These beliefs were created and propagated with the artifice that they would have origin in a super powerful rational creative divine entity that allegedly would have been expressed to specific human beings ("prophets"). DEATH IS A PRE-SCIENCE COMMON SENSE RELIGIOUS CONCEPT.

Most of the energy or the electrons of an individual, remains orbited around neutrons/protons inside atoms, especially hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen that are millions or billions of years old. These atoms/molecules can be dispersed in whole or in part in the environment without maintaining any identity (DNA) with the atomic structure of the original individual. The release of all electrons could occur in the event of a burial inside a star like the Sun or an artificial nuclear reactor and would cause the total unidentifiable dispersion of these sub-atomic particles.

The primitive concept of "death" or supposed post-death electronic/photonic life is unrealistic, unnecessary or improbable (although some natural or artificial form of photonic ID could be possible, speculated or believed as long as this does not lead to the abandonment of the known DNA cellular ID). The primitive death concept should be replaced by the concept of Permanent Life and its components: Systemic Life (respiratory, circulatory and neurological cell integration systems), Cellular Life (non-integrated structure of individual cells), Atomic Life (cell structured atoms), Genetic Life (bio genetic code in DNA) and Informatic Life (DNA genetic code in computational binary code; social, economic, cultural and psychological memory/history).

The concept of Permanent Life can be more attractive to individuals under severe emotional or psychological pressure in search of supernatural religious explanations. What matters is that religious beliefs do not cause damage to Permanent Life of Human Beings and that on the contrary strengthen the pursuit of preservation, regression, regeneration and progression of components of Permanent Life. THE CURRENT RELIGIOUS OR TRADITIONAL MORTUARY PROCEDURES ARE HIGHLY DAMAGING TO PERMANENT LIFE AND MUST NOT TAKE PLACE: SYSTEMIC, CELLULAR AND ATOMIC LIFE MUST BE PROTECTED.

The medical technological paradigm of Permanent Life seeks preservation, regression, regeneration and progression of Systemic Life (via nutritional, immunological, physical and hormonal supplementation), Cellular Life (via artificial equipment for external/internal blood oxygenation, nutrition and filtration), Atomic Life (via cryopreservative of glucose/trehalose plus phosphate, potassium, sodium and/or calcium to penetrate/protect cellular membranes/ organelles, flash/dry freezing, dehydration, rehydration, porous intercellular circulation and regeneration), Genetic Life (preservation of bio cellular genetic code for regenerative cell reproduction and/or complete reproduction via nuclear transfer for oocyte to development of twin brother/son or twin sister/daughter) and Informatic Life (human hardware/software: binary audiovisual DNA genetic code for bio DNA transfer and memory, historic-social-economic-cultural identity information, for education or cerebral upload via visual or direct interface).

Embryos (Cellular Lives) have been disabled (regressed to Atomic Lives) by reproduction clinics via cryonic freezing, with cell preservation with cryo preservatives, to be reactivated later successfully for reproductive purposes or discarded. This activity is allowed in most countries, but is damaging to life (when permanently regressive/destructive) and should not be allowed by the criteria of protection of life. Alternatively it is possible to freeze cryonically oocytes/sperm (female/male gametes) and adult cells with nucleus containing DNA to transfer to a nucleus-free oocyte (reproduction via same DNA or hybrid new DNA).

An adult cell nuclear transfer into an oocyte (unfertilized female gamete produced and discarded regularly by fertile women is not an independent Cellular Life), has been mistakenly, illegally and unconstitutionally banned in many countries because supposedly it is damaging to life. There is not in fact any kind of damage to life, on the contrary, this technique is progressive and regenerative, does not regress or destroy life, on the contrary preserves Genetic Life and develops Cellular Life, that alternatively can be progressed/incorporated to the Systemic Life of the original nucleus (direct development of tissues, fluids or organs) or development into an independent Systemic Life with the same genetic code (DNA) but independent respiratory, circulatory and neurological systems that integrate these new cells.

Obviously there can be no damaging removal of tissues, organs or fluids from an independent Systemic Life, even if they have the same genetic code, from the point of development of cell integration systems, specially the neurological system, specially the brain, which then characterizes a new Individual, a new Systemic Life and a new protected Permanent Life. The preference is to develop biologic, electronic or bioelectronic organs with the same DNA of the receptor, starting from an oocyte with a nucleus transfer from an adult cell with the same DNA.

Abortion destroys Cellular Lives (embryos) and should be replaced with embryonic or fetal transfer to another gestation-mother, incubator (dry/air or wet/liquid) or when not yet technologically possible to cryonic preservation with cryo preservatives for future transfer. The legal prohibition of abortion is not efficient because it is not operationally possible for the government or society to control voluntary actions of individuals over their own body in the privacy of a residential or commercial unit (in addition to the life-threatening risk to clandestine abortion actions especially without appropriate medical expertise). Incubators with aminiotic fluid, lung-heart-kidney machines (oxygenate, nourish, supplement and filter the blood of the fetus) could reduce unwanted pregnancies from an involuntary mother to less than five months. Abortion clinics could be replaced by gestation clinics and/or transfer to incubators.

Society and governments, in the interest of preservation of life and protection of minors, should not require or enforce parental responsibility with laws and criminal or civil (payments) process, as they encourage abortions, instead of encouraging gestation for later adoption or government guard in a boarding educational institution, preferably an University. On the impossibility of voluntary gestation, as a last resort should then opt for embryo/fetal transfer (gestation-mother/incubator) when technologically possible or cryonic Atomic Life preservation for future reactivation, avoiding the abortive destruction of Cellular Life or Systemic Life. Additionally there must be development and improvement of use, multiuse, efficiency and complementary alternatives of birth control methods to eliminate the abortion practice.

Preservation (or transfer when technologically possible) of embryonic Cellular Life or fetal/child/adult Systemic Life does not generate economic deficit (expense), on the contrary generates surplus (investment) because when economically activated can generate on average higher revenues than the cost of their preservation. The destruction of Cellular or Systemic Lives generate significant economic and psychological damage to society. The transfer and regression of Cellular Life to Atomic Life (cryonic freezing), as protective measure against its possible destruction, is valid and effective as last voluntary alternative to abortion (embryonic/fetal destruction) after parental responsibility transfer attempt (Systemic Life with full 8-9 months gestation), transfer to incubator (from 4-7 months of gestation) or embryo transfer to another mother (when technologically possible).

Organs (smaller cellular systems with specific functionality) of patients with Cellular Life, but with inactive Systemic Life, can also be preserved with temporary loans to other patients to maintain their Systemic Life active, returning to the original patient when the receiver also has inactive Systemic Life. Biological, electronic or bioelectronic organs can also replace damaged or missing organs. Millions of Systemic Lives can be maintained with efficient administration (quick and mobile) of a loan bank from extended and preserved Cellular Lives. The main objective must be to develop organs with the same DNA of the receptor to avoid rejection or the suppression of the immune system.

Atomic Life must be preserved with deactivation of cells (for subsequent reactivation after cell rehydration and regeneration) using cryopreservatives (glucose/trehalose), flash/dry freeze (-20 to 40 Celsius, electromagnetic/mechanical vibration, vacuum sublimation, forming a cell structured dry porous sponge), rehydration (vapor, mist, spray and liquid) and porous intercellular circulation in addition to partial vascular recirculation (assuming it's obstructed making it necessary to regress Cellular Life with artificial circulation equipments to Atomic Life and future progression back).

Recirculation includes bio-identical bio-specific hormones and white cells with same DNA (anti-cancer/viral/bacterial vaccines) to accelerate growth of healthy cells and suppression of unhealthy cells. Cells will be fed with glucose/oxygen (etc) directly via enlarged/reinforced pores/membranes/veins/arteries/capillaries (pressure/osmosis/electrolysis/gravity flux/cycle), reestablishing aquatic/wet Cellular Life. After cell structure regeneration, cell pores can be reduced/closed to normal functionality (replacing/changing trehalose to glucose, seeking to close cell and skin higher porosity to normal levels).

Genetic (bio cell DNA) and Informatic (computer binary code DNA and memory) Lives can also be preserved for nuclear transfer reproduction and genetic reprogramming pluripotent cellular for tissue/organ growth or complete body reproduction/growth into a new independent Systemic Life genetically identical, with memory/education transmission (similar human hardware/software preservation, with same DNA and approximate/similar memory). Faster invasive direct neural connection and slower non-invasive indirect interface (text/audio/video) have also the alternative of mid-speed hybrid non-invasive sub-conscious/sleep/hypnosis acceleration of input (ear/audio and eye/video/text) and output (mouth/voice/audio and hand/text/image).
Immune and Stem Cell Bank
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