Global Mobile Medical System
Global Mandatory
Permanent Life Protocol
Over 50 million lives, with cardiorespiratory/neurological electric stoppage but with 99.99% living cells, are abandoned yearly by primitive traditional doctors, without the use of the most advanced medical techniques, to then be buried or burned. Doctors must immediately implement the Permanent Life Protocol to protect lives and avoid judicial responsibility for their abandonment. Justice agents must stop this abandonment and protect Permanent Life. The traditional primitive damaging mortuary protocol must be stopped.

Superblood increases quantity, quality performance of blood components to eliminate/cure virus, bacteria, cancer, toxin, trauma, aging, regenerating body and extending life forever. Blood and Skin cells can be cultured to create Superblood/Superskin that allow unlimited young interior blood, organ, tissue health, exterior skin appearance and Life extension.

30k, 60k, 8 million year/old nematode/bacteria hibernating on ice in Arctic/Antarctic reactivated.
+2 Billion humans burned/buried since 70s could have hibernated/dehibernated there. But today hibernation, preserving molecular/atomic life is still a last resort but mandatory protocol stage in case Systemic/Cellular Life fails/unavailable. It is possible to preserve permanently Systemic Life, or Life as we know it, cells integrated by natural systems, regenerating/replacing cells/tissues/organs.

20 million lives lost for cardiovascular diseases yearly are actually +50 million lives abandoned by cardiovascular electric failure followed by brain. Vascular circulation must be sustained to preserve cells or they must be hibernated. Individual Universal Immunotherapy Machine preserves Systemic Life, processing, supplementing blood, cell banks, curing/immunizing virus, bacteria, toxins, cancer, trauma and aging, even after cardiac-respiratory/brain electric failure (aka "death"), allowing recovery with general circulation, or if obstructed, segmented.

Medical/Judicial systems and personnel are obligated by professional/judicial contract to protect life with the full extent of ADVANCED MEDICINE, that is distinct from alternative/experimental medicine by offering solutions that do not have any alternative in the mainstream medical systems. These solutions solve current problems that lead primitive doctors to declare "death", leading a Human Life, with around 100 trillion living cells, to be abandoned, deactivated, disintegrated into unidentifiable around 8 octillion atoms that will be dispersed into the environment (molecules, atoms and/or sub-atomic energy-matter quantum particles), losing DNA identity and incorporated into other cellular life forms.

The Permanent Life Protocol systematizes medical techniques that have no alternative in traditional mainstream medical systems, that are not applying such techniques systematically, motivated by short term profits and/or professional/religious conservatism. This protocol can be better applied with a low cost mass flexible production product with all components to protect Life, as is the Permanent Life Module technology offered by the Global Mobile Medical System (www.mesistem.com).



1-Prevention of use of inside/outside content mass media for lethal substance abuse propaganda, defined as systemic for income or empowerement and not for freedom of expression, with restitution for damage, fine for premeditation, asset seizure, activity stoppage and home arrest for danger, without previous censorship or reduction of freedom of expression.

2-Prevention of pollution, accidents and substance abuse, with elimination of causes, macro/micro fluid exams and biometrics mandated by organizations to its subordinates for productivity, long term profitability and humanitarian reasons, with restitution for damage, fine for premeditation, asset seizure, activity stoppage and home arrest for danger, without previous reduction of freedom of initiative and organization.

PRESERVATION, Regression, Regeneration and Progression:


Acar/Ocar/Olife cube-sphere with ICU Intensive Care Unit, compacted/advanced into PLM Permanent Life Module, CBM Cell Bank Medculture, IUI Individual Universal Immunotherapy, Life Fluid Incubator, compacted/advanced into Abot Avatarbot, dependent cyber digital medical assistant and Nbot Neurobot independent bio-cyber analog doctor-bot with dual-structure/organs supporting life of cell-donor.

Organs/tissues regenerated by cell mitosis division, lower regeneration capacity with genetic hormonal decline, including telomerase decline leading to reduction of telomere DNA cap increasing cell dysfunction senescent/cancer cells, also decline in immune cells.They can receive general growth stimulation from hormones, enzymes, proteins as telomerase to increase DNA cap telomeres and avoid development of dysfunctional cells as senescent/cancer cells. But non-telomere dysfunction cancer as genetic/environmental/substance abuse cancer occurs, this supplementation can accelerate cancer cell growth as well, requiring immune supplementation to block it and healthy cell supplementation or regeneration to compete for nutrition and space with cancer cells.

Organs/tissues that are less/slow regenerative as Heart/Brain cells, because of their particular function, can also be induced to self-regeneration process to repair themselves using mRNA/microRNA (transcription factors/stem cell messenger exosomes to return the cells to a stem-cell-like state), contained in lipid membranes as they occur in nature inside micro lipid cell membranes. High risk/high cost organ transplant can generate rejection because of DNA difference detected by immune system or immune vulnerability if using anti-immunity agents. Introducing external tissue/cells/stem cells that may generate uneven masses/tumors/teratomas, tissue/organ growth dysfunction as left ventricular valve can happen with excessive, uncoordinated late general hormone decline supplementation.

Individual Universal Immunotherapy Machine preserves Systemic Life, processing, supplementing blood, cell banks, curing/immunizing virus, bacteria, toxins, cancer, trauma and aging, even after cardiac-respiratory/brain electric failure (aka "death"), allowing recovery with general circulation, or if obstructed, segmented.

Superblood by increasing quantity, quality performance of blood components can eliminate/cure virus, bacteria, cancer, toxin, trauma, aging, regenerating body and extending life forever. Blood and Skin cells can be cultured to create Superblood/Superskin that allow unlimited young interior blood, organ, tissue health, exterior skin appearance and Life extension.

Governments, enterprises and health systems must immediately test, on a general and regular basis, for substance abuse and offer incentives/sanctions/alternatives for their end. Most hospitals and health systems are overwhelmed with patients that voluntarily abuse of overdoses of unhealthy neurological substances (caffeine/coffee, nicotine/tobacco, alcohol, salt/sugar/fat abuse, pain/sleeping/psychological drugs etc) for psychological supposed entertainment/pleasure or relief of symptoms, instead of causes. Economic incentives/sanctions; advertisement damage restitution; psychological/sociological treatment; use of alternatives without side effects; working on causes; removal of repression; exercise of free will; all can dramatically reduce/alleviate health systems, increasing to almost double the life expectancy of substance abusers and decrease the cost of health systems.

Patients can retrieve blood and other fluids for preventive testing, to harvest stem and immune cells, to be replicated and cryopreserved in a bank for immediate economic use, when needed, as adding antigen and nuclear transfers, to eliminate any viral/bacterial infection, cancer or injury to cells and tissues.

Average life expectancy has been consistently advancing and when it reaches around the average point, Systemic Life protection must be applied to extend life further and potentially forever. Bone, muscle, tissue, organ and brain deterioration from supposed "aging", leading to mobility and/or intellectual capacity reduction (specially because of use of neurological drugs and lack of activity), to cardiorespiratory stoppage, to neurological stoppage and supposed "death" can be delayed and reversed. Currently 85 to 95 years is the usual age treatment interval in terms of cost-benefit, where there is nothing to lose and everything to gain if there is significant reduction of mobility and/or intellectual capacity.

Cells can divide/grow indefinitely if the cell telomere (end of the chromosomes) has adequate size, induced by the telomerase enzyme, which in turn is induced by hormones. Neural cells (produced more until 6 years and less after) and cardiac muscle cells (renewed 0.3% to 1% based on carbon dating) do not have a fixed life time, can grow in size, can survive indefinitely (if not destroyed by neurological drugs, cancer, virus, bacteria and have adequate protection), can be replaced/recovered by internal stimulus (regeneration/repair enzymes/hormones) and/or external introduction of stem/repair/replace cells (bio cells, nanobots and artificial cells). Individuals considered "dead" by primitive traditional medicine have 99.99% living cells and healthy neurons similar to the time of infancy (unless neurons are affected by the collateral effect of neurological drugs or pollution).

Systemic Life should be preserved with physical/mental activity and nutritional/hormonal/immunological supplements: bio-specific (anti-cancer/viruses/bacteria vaccines) and bio-identical white cells/hormones (same DNA); sensitive/selective cellular nano-marking (photo-thermal/electromagnetic/biochemical); growth of specific tissue/organ with stem cells via nuclear transfer or genetic reprogramming/pluripotency to accelerate the growth of healthy cells and suppress the growth of unhealthy cells. Anomalies such as cancer, weak regrown muscle or ventricular heart defect can be prevented with bio-identical hormones/vaccines, supplementary nutrition/exercise, monitoring and/or corrective intervention.

An Universal Immunological Supplement Defense System (anti virus, bacteria and cancer) can combine cell markers (to accelerate placement of immune signaling cell membrane elements, as phosphoethanolamine for example, to accelerate mitochondria caspase placement on the cell membrane, a protease that signals cancer cells for elimination); cell signaling pathway protectors (immune cell identification process of cell markers need to have signaling pathway protected from been disabled in dysfunctional cells avoiding their identification); indirect vaccines (signaling cell membrane elements of unhealthy cells introduced to alert and accelerate response of the immune system) and direct vaccines (production of bio identical immune cells outside the body and exposure to signaling cell membrane elements of unhealthy cells, to then be reintroduced to reinforce immune system). Clinical trials have tested these components separately when they should be testing the system efficiency together. A cell marker as phosphoethanolamine may not be very effective if the immune system of the patient is inefficient. Photo / magnetic / electric cell markers can be used additionally to mark healthy and unhealthy cells for constructive placement or destruction.


Individual Universal Immunotherapy Machine preserves Systemic Life, processing, supplementing blood, cell banks, curing/immunizing virus, bacteria, toxins, cancer, trauma and aging, even after cardiac-respiratory/brain electric failure (aka "death"), allowing recovery with general circulation, or if obstructed, segmented.

If Systemic Life cannot be sustained, in case of cardiorespiratory and neurological electric stoppage, there will be a regression to Cellular Life that must be protected with artificial systems until progression back to Systemic Life is possible. Cardiorespiratory stoppage from a controllable local hemorrhage/infection/cancer or a vital system/organ damage/dysfunction from trauma, cancer, bacteria or virus (etc), leading to neurological stoppage, can be reversed with artificial cardiorespiratory systems.

Cellular Life must be preserved with external (pulsation suit, chest automatic inflatable belt, chest vertical pump heart pulsation, legs/arms counter-pulsation inflatable belts, automatic electric shock defibrillator, mouth vacuum valve oxygenation and gravitational swing circulation) and/or internal (direct blood nutrition/filtration/immunization/oxygenation heart-lung/kidney machine) mechanical blood circulation/oxygenation (hand heart massage generates only 15% of normal blood circulation and can't be sustained for a long time) and/or reduction of temperature to reduce cell oxygen consumption (50% reduction with each 10 Celsius reduction until +4 Celsius), cardio-muscular and brain-neurological supplementation (body electrodes for maintenance of muscle contraction and electrical neurological flow). If unified general circulation is not possible (because of organ dysfunction and/or localized hemorrhage/infection/cancer), independent partial/segmented circulation can be used to provide oxygenation, nutrition, filtration, immunization, hormonization and regeneration to the cells.

Sonic, electric, photonic and/or gravitonic waves can in theory eliminate unhealthy / senile / cancer cells, bacteria and virus by breaking their natural membranes or coated by biochemic an/or nanorobotic markers, while preserving stronger healthy cell membranes (empirical tests must determine the wave density/size/frequency). This may be the last attempt to preserve Cellular Life before regressing to Atomic Life, where the procedure may be repeated, against unhealthy membranes that resist instantaneous freezing generating microcrystals of water, dehydration, thawing and rehydration (markers can unprotect unhealthy membranes while healthy membranes are protected by cryopreservatives such as trehalose).


General hemorrhage/infection/cancer and/or vital organ dysfunction can obstruct unified or segmented vascular circulation, leading to a generalized collapse of the cells. The cells can be deactivated temporarily for their protection, until porous circulation can be added to the obstructed vascular circulation allowing all cells to be reached, sustained and regenerated. Cardiorespiratory stoppage from uncontrollable general hemorrhage/infection/cancer or vital systems/organ damage/dysfunction from trauma, cancer, bacteria or virus (etc), leading to neurological stoppage, can be reversed with cryoprotected flash/dry freeze, dehydration, followed by porous rehydration/circulation, cellular regeneration and progression back to Cellular/Systemic Life.

Atomic Life must be preserved with deactivation of cells (for subsequent reactivation after cell rehydration and regeneration) using cryopreservatives (sugary/saline/ionic solution as phosphate-trehalose to penetrate and protect cellular membranes including internal organelles and nucleus), flash/dry freeze (-20 to -40 Celsius, electromagnetic waves/mechanical vibration sustain heat then when turned off generate freeze with less damaging micro water crystals that are neutralized by cryoprotector threhalose, then vacuum sublimation, forming a cell structured dry porous sponge) and rehydration (vapor, mist, spray and liquid). Reintroduction of blood (or circulatory solution), bio-identical/bio-specific hormones and white cells with same DNA (anti-cancer/viral/bacterial vaccines) accelerates growth of healthy cells and suppression of unhealthy cells. Cells will be fed with glucose/oxygen (etc) directly via pores/vases (top to bottom pressure/osmosis/electrolysis/gravity cyclic flux), reestablishing aquatic Cellular Life.

Flash/dry freeze results in a porous dry "sponge" body that can be rehydrated/regenerated via additional porous interstitial (inter-cellular) high (liquid) to low (vacuum) pressure circulation bi chamber with body as filter in between. It is possible to only dehydrate the interstitial fluid and not necessarily the cells, allowing rehydration vertical porous circulation in between the cells to replace or complement vascular circulation. Trehalose cryo Porous Inter-cellular Circulation can be total, for all the body, or partial, for separated damaged organs, tissues or body segment without vascular circulation, in addition to the partial vascular circulation for the rest of the body. Cells would be added/regenerated by mitosis or by introduction of external stem cells with nanomarkers to guide them to place and/or use of biodegradable scaffolds to fully assemble organs/tissues. After cell structure regeneration (using also external stem/artificial cell introduction if necessary), there will be a transition to external dry Cellular Life with natural/artificial addition of external epidermic keratin to impermeabilize skin, maintaining the vascular mechanical circulation for nutrition/oxygenation of blood. Trehalase enzyme (present in intestines) can be introduced in circulation to convert cell cryopreservative trehalose to glucose to be utilized by cells. Finally there will be a transition back to the original Systemic Life with the reactivation of the natural circulatory, respiratory and neurological systems via chemical/electric stimulus. Multicellular cryopreservation liquid defrost protocol consists of raising temperature from top to bottom cells to avoid mechanical collapse.

Frozen/unfrozen, over a thousand years, bacteria use enzymes to repair DNA. Damaged frozen/unfrozen human cells also can have their DNA, membrane and organelles repaired by enzymes/hormones and/or nanobots and/or can be replaced by artificial super cells and/or stem cells. Over 40,000 year multicellular nematodes have successfully been brought back to life. Frozen mammals or humans could be successfully defrosted and repaired even without cryopreservative/flash freeze protocol. Over 2 billion humans should have been frozen since 70s, but have instead been atomic/molecule dispersed into environment, so this primitive mortuary habit must be stopped immediately.


Genetic (bio cell DNA and text-audio-video indirect interface memory) and Informatic (computer binary code DNA and neural direct interface memory) Lives can also be preserved for nuclear transfer reproduction and pluripotent cellular genetic reprogramming for tissue/organ growth or complete body reproduction/growth into a new independent Systemic Life genetically identical, with memory/education transmission (similar human hardware/software preservation, with same DNA and approximate/similar memory).

DNA bio-preserved in frozen/dehydrated cells, allowing identical atoms to be reassembled into identical cell structures of a new identical partial (organs/tissues) or total body ("hardware"), via genetic reprogramming of stem cells, or gamete (oocyte) reproduction by nuclear transfer (twin son/daughter of adults or twin brother/sister of minors). Also a similar brain memory ("software"), transferred directly via neuron interface when possible, or indirectly via text/audio/video interface of knowledge, culture and history. Faster invasive direct neural connection and slower non-invasive indirect interface (text/audio/video) have also the alternative of mid-speed hybrid non-invasive sub-conscious/sleep/hypnosis acceleration of input (ear/audio and eye/video/text) and output (mouth/voice/audio and hand/text/image).

Different types of unipotent (fluid, tissue and organ adult cells) or pluripotent cells (embryonic adult and stem cells, such as in umbilical cord blood) must be preserved for potential reprogramming and/or nuclear transfer. Preservation of DNA genetic code for regeneration/reproduction of organ/tissue/fluid cells and/or complete reproduction via nuclear transfer to oocyte for development of twin brother-son or sister-daughter. Over one billion fertile women can produce over twelve billion oocytes a year for dual gamete reproduction, cell nuclear transfer reproduction and/or organ/tissue/fluid/cell regeneration with genetic reprogramming (remove genetic diseases, increase longevity and performance).

Neurobot is a bio/bio-cyber cyber-human/being shaped/articulated as a bio-human, containing a Neurocomp computer, computer/brain, made of neurochips and integrated to a Neuronet, external network. Preserved Human brains with highly damaged/abandoned bodies can be transferred to a Neurobot, following the Permanent Life Protocol, Informatic Life Stage.

NEUROBOT, Biotronic BioBot, built with bio-compatible (DNAs) cells, Supercells (genetic/infusion enhanced bio-cyber), carbon-metal based structures/chips as self-control-bot, avatar-bot and/or swap-part-bot, complementing/supplementing bio-self-human. Neurobot 6 heart-lung-filter-nurture-immune machine supplements oxygen, glucose, nutrients, hormones/enzymes, white/red cells, for 1 head, 1 trunk, 2 arms and 2 legs. A bio-human head/brain with deficient body can be reconnected/swapped to/with Neurobot, while bio-body is regenerated/rebuilt bio or bio-cyber. The key reconnection are the main artery/vein, spinal cord with mainly arms/legs transmission signals previously decoded and programmed. Arms/legs can also be swapped.

NEUROBOT EXOSKELETON mode, removing front half of bio-cyber body, takes whole bio-human in front and can supplement their deficiencies temporarily while the original bio-body is fixed/regenerated. Neurobot is an upgrade, modularization and integration of mini Exo-Suit and Mini-Lab, which are an upgrade, miniaturization, modularization and integration of mini Exo-Suit and Mini-Lab, which is the same in relation to a Permanent Life Module. SuperSkin, SuperCell take it further to the micro and nano level. Maintaining patient conscious with Neurobot may be crucial in the Permanent Life Protocol, because hibernation, refrigeration, freezing, cryofreezing, coma of bio-body may lead to cultural primitive conception of “death or probable death” (electric heart/brain dysfunction) and abandonment of the bio-body with +99,99% of living cells, specially Brain/Hearth cells, that at 100 can have same efficiency as at 10 years of age and that can survive and be supplemented/replaced indefinitely.


Medical Systems, Organizations and Medics are responsible for the preservation of Systemic, Cellular, Atomic, Genetic and Informatic Permanent Lives of their patients, with the use of advanced medical techniques and systems (high technology). Even common refrigeration and freezing (with cell membrane damage from crystallization, potentially regeneratable) are preferred to the routine abandonment of Lives with around 100 trillion living cells at ambient temperature for their gradual atomic/molecular dispersion. Not applying Permanent Life advanced medical techniques can result in civil/criminal (murder) action in national or international judicial systems as Jusistem - Global Mobile Judicial System. Jusistem agents prove damage, premeditation, danger to obtain restitution, fine and self-financed productive-educational home arrest in national or international territory ( www.jusistem.com ).

The current primitive medical systems have an economic interest in the fact that there wouldn't be enough resources in current governmental/private primitive systems to sustain life of more than 50 million supposed "dead" annually and in the fact that mass life extension to over 100 years would make them supposedly unprofitable, unsustainable, bankrupt or in need of supplement funding from younger payers (that would supposedly occur with high cost traditional medical technology but not with low cost Permanent Life technology).

Cost reductions will save more than enough money to cover the new low cost mobile preventive permanent health system: mandatory substance abuse prevention (caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, sugar, fat, salt, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, pain killers, sleeping pills, psychological drugs etc.); economic abuse prevention (drug/device patent monopolies, drug cartels/trusts, enterprise/personnel unions/associations etc); health performance enhancement and mass production economies of scale. A patent does not give the right to price gauging monopoly abuse and anti-trust laws can be used to force prices to have a 20% to 40% liquid profit margin maximum. This includes auditing Research, Development, suppliers, subsidiaries, buyers for over/under pricing to reduce actual profitability, while increasing funds in certain national economies with high money laundering and low protection for economic damage abuse.

Also patients' relatives, who are their property heirs, have an economic interest in not wanting to use the patient's property to extend a supposedly low quality or suffering life style, sometimes even at the request of a suicidal patient. Life protection enforcement must be used to mandate that primitive medical systems and patient's heirs commit the funds to protect the patient's life to the full extent made possible by advanced medicine, including when Systemic Life regresses to Cellular Life, Atomic Life, Genetic Life or Informatic Life, with the goal of progressing it back to Systemic Life.

THERE ARE ALSO RESOURCES IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY TO SUSTAIN PERMANENT LIFE, specially the currently used for neurological drugs (caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, pharmacy/prescription neurological drugs and "illicit" drugs such as marijuana, crack, cocaine, heroin etc); superfluous luxury consumerism, abusive monopoly prices (especially in the health care industry), superfluous military spending (abusive over price and excessive demand beyond the tactical-strategic military need) and especially corruption money (diverted from governments and companies) in trillionaire deposits, real estate and investments in money laundering paradises or returned laundered money to traditional national economies.


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